About Aisha Sarwari

Aisha Sarwari - For Guardian 2

Over 15+ years of professional experience in the US, Turkey and Pakistan. She has 300+ published pieces in @etribune, @dawn_com and previously @DailyTimesPk. Opinions also featured in @guardian, @BBC, @TRTworld and @NPR.

She co-founded The Women’s Advancement Hub (WAH) that supports grassroots women and helps tell women’s stories across sections of society in Pakistan. http://www.womensadvancementhub.com

She is also the author of Navigating Pakistani Feminism – Fight by Fight.

Contact via Twitter: @AishaFSarwari


13 thoughts on “About Aisha Sarwari

  1. Just read the article on DAWN, entitled: Blaming Sunny Leone: When politicians give green signals to rape.
    Excellent work! I totally agree with you on the points you raised, especially: “Women who have complete command over their sexuality horrify men who make it their business to govern the general construct of society. Rape signifies a mala fide attack on the very concept of women’s sexuality; a putting in place so to speak.”
    Following that piece on DAWN, I have made it a point to read your other works published in this blog.

  2. Dear Ms. Aisha. Who moderates the comments? I send comments and they are not published or some part is missing. For example in one of my comments, I said: That women police other women because they are suffering from “Stockholms syndrome.” The idea was that women have obeyed men for so long that now they believe that it is right to be a dog or a loyal slave to their husbands .I didn’t write my thoughts about it. I just used the word “Stockholms syndrome. I tried to send this comments two times, and it was ignored. Do you moderate the comments, Ms. Aisha? I don’t think so.

  3. Dear Aisha, Thanks for writing a very bold article in the daily Tribune of March 20, 2017 title Of Rouge Men and Hijabs. This is a beautiful piece done. It is very courageous and enlightening. Please keep it up. It is like a Jihad against rouge men. I share your views. Best of luck and warm regards.

  4. Aadab, Aisha Sahiba, I came across after reading your article Cost of Marginalizing Women in Express Tribune. While coming to your blogging site I watched few more things like; beepers for diff channels and came to read your blogs too. I’m also a columnist and I write for Nawaiwat and belongs to Isb and I’ve my own blog too. I want to conversate with you as I’m looking forward to write a script on such issues. Am script writer too that is why am staying here in Karachi these days. I’m waiting for your response if possible reply me on email. So, we would discuss further… my email is faarans@gmail.com

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